Maximize your productivity and performance with the Barbco 72/82-1800 auger boring machine. Built with plenty of power, the 72/82-1800 uses a 304-horsepower engine with 265,000 ft. lbs. of torque and 1,822,123 lbs. of thrust. Engineered for bores between 24” and 72” in diameter, this is the choice machine for contractors tackling a large-scale tunneling project. Equipped with a Rapid Travel System, the 72/82-1800 is easy to operate and maintain.

Standard Safety Features

  • Hook rollers at the base of the machine anchor it securely to the track.
  • Quickly disengage the hydraulic clutch and shut down the engines with the tethered emergency stop switch.
  • To protect your machine operators, our rollover anticipation shut-down module (RASM) uses state-of-the-art technology to anticipate rollover forces and immediately shutdown the engine. Any incidents will record in the RASM software.
  • Hydraulic hoses withstand extreme pressure and protect against bursts.
  • The master pusher opening is equipped with a door to help shield personnel from rotating spoil ejections.

Optional Safety Features

  • Operate your machine safely outside of the pit with a tethered or wireless remote control.
  • Add a vandalism shield to protect against damage, theft and inclement weather.

Note: At a customer’s request, we will build custom machines up to 84” diameter capacity within Barbco and industry-guided safety standards.



NOTICE 72-1800: We promote the use of Safe Practices on any auger bore performed. We do not believe that an ABM should ever be used when not attached to the casing unless the ABM is properly secured with a design well engineered for the pit that it is intended to be used in.