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History of Barbco Inc.

 Barbco, Inc. is a manufacturer of horizontal earth boring machines, directional drills, tunneling machines, auger and other related products for use in underground applications.

The company was founded by James S. Barbera in August of 1989. Jim had many years of experience in the auger boring industry having been a utility contractor and having built and sold auger boring equipment. The first shop was located in Twinsburg, Ohio but that location was quickly outgrown. The company then moved to Perry Township, near Massillon Ohio, where Barbco manufactured auger and boring machines.

In 1992, the company moved to Canton Ohio, and refurbished an abandoned steel plant. At this location Barbco expanded its product line to include Boring Machine Tunnel Attachments (BMTA’s) and Directional Drills. In December of 2002, Barbco moved to its present location in East Canton, Ohio. The new 8 acre facility provides Barbco with ample existing manufacturing space and the ability to expand as the need arises.

Since its founding, Barbco has brought many innovations to the auger boring industry which include:

  • Controlled Boring System (CBS) which enables a boring machine to hold to line and grade by use of a 360O articulating head and on-surface guidance system
  • Rapid Travel System (RTS) which provides a faster method of retracting the boring machine in order to add additional auger and casing
  • Dual sized machines providing better return on investment to the contractor
  • Pressure compensated load sensing hydraulic systems
  • Load sensing hydraulic valves
  • Hydraulic push bars
In 1995 Barbco introduced its line of directional drills which range in size from the 25,000 lbs Tru-grade unit to the 110,000 lbs BD-110 SC, which is a self contained directional drill with an enclosed cab. Optional equipment on directional drills includes
  • Auger stake downs,
  • Automatic rod loaders
  • Track blocks
  • Heated and air conditioned cabs

Barbco, Inc is dedicated to providing the highest level of products and services to the underground industry and operates under the following mission statement and goals.

Mission Statement of Barbco, INC.

Quick Contact Information

Barbco, Inc.
Phone: 1-800-448-8934
Voice: 330-488-9400 | Fax: 330-488-2022
Email: info@barbco.com

Barbco, Inc.
315 Pekin Rd S.E.
East Canton, Ohio 44730-9462

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