Auger Boring Machines

Underground utility installations need power and precision. Whether you’re working on a water line, storm drain or electrical system, your construction crew needs reliable and safe equipment to get the job done. At Barbco, we offer a broad range of solutions to meet your needs.

Our auger boring machines pack extreme torque in a heavy-duty frame to tackle a variety of subsurface conditions, from hard rock to cobblestone. We built our reputation on quality and durability, so you can rest assured that your machine will withstand your toughest challenge.

Not seeing the equipment that you’re looking for? We’ll create a custom machine designed specifically for your project. Contact our team for details. 

Take a look at our auger boring machines below. 

30/36-200 Auger Boring Machine

36-700 Auger Boring Machine

48/60-950 Auger Boring Machine

48/60-1100 Auger Boring Machine

60/72-1200HD Auger Boring Machine

72/84-1800 Auger Boring Machine