The FlexBor is designed to virtually eliminate “frac-outs”/”inadvertent returns” that are often associated with horizontal directional drilling. In addition, the FlexBor reduces costs with time and expenses in most cases, by requiring one head to create the needed hole diameter and often shortening the length needed to install the product. The use of augers within allows for the cuttings to be removed mechanically and controlled with the assistance of air and/or water. The cuttings and down hole pressures are retained in casing while being carried to the surface.

Why FlexBor?
With traditional trenchless installation’s there are often problems and concerns related to the environmental disruptions caused during drilling/boring (i.e. inadvertent release of drilling fluids into wetlands or inability to auger bore due to terrain). In addition, traditional methods such as horizontal directional drilling that is used to install a product with a required bend radius; length of drill can be vast in order to achieve such radius and with traditional auger boring, these bores are straight and provide installation for short distances only.

Use of the FlexBor system is a proven resolution to most if not all of the previously mentioned problems/concerns with trenchless installation. The FlexBor system utilizes casing to hold the cuttings and pressures created during the process, inadvertent return concerns are eliminated. In addition, minimum cover can be obtained in wetlands, streams, etc. Therefore the length of drills can be reduced as the FlexBor system can achieve the same bend radius with shortened distance and depth of drill. Finally, the FlexBor system’s hybrid combination that includes a section of augers which allows for the minimal depths associated with an auger machine, but allows for a radius in the bore path.

The FlexBor system provides a cost effective, environmentally conscious, and overall increased flexibility in trenchless product installation. The FlexBor system’s ability to reduce length and depth of drills, protects the environment from frac-outs/inadvertent returns, ease of use in remote locations with minimal amount of water required, and its ability to be utilized with a variety of drill/boring machines make it a preferred system for trenchless product installation.

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