The BD380TM maxi drill is one of the many sizes available from Barbco, that produces 380,000 lbs. of pulling force and a pulling speed of 100 fpm. from a two drive rack and pinion carriage system. The rotary system utilizes an isolated floating spinal with a 3” fluid course and has two speeds: 60,000 ft. lbs. torque @ 49 rpm. and 31,000 ft. lbs. of torque @ 95 rpm. Breakouts are a removable triple clamp, closed top design with adjustable separation and travel the full length of the frame. These smart wrenches have a programmable clamping force that can achieve 160,000 ft. lbs. of breakout torque and 75,000 ft. lbs. of make-up torque. The BD380TM is powered by dual 350hp Caterpillar C-9 diesel engines. One of the engines can be shut down to conserve fuel while maintaining top system forces and the second is used to speed up the operations. Either engine can be used to perform all operations if the other requires maintenance. In addition to this safety net, all of the rigs sensors are override capable and the valves can all be controlled from the power unit if needed. The operator’s climate controlled cabin has seats for two people and dual displays. The controls are equipped with automated drilling modes and a unique customized driller’s interface that allows for up to three drillers to personalize their own screen’s wallpaper and dashboards as well as the joystick functions. The tandem axle BD380 has an adjustable entry angle from 8-14 degrees and an automated rod handler with pipe supports. It weighs 88,000 lbs. and is 102” wide with expandable catwalks.