Benefits of Equipment Financing & Leasing

See why 8 out of 10 companies choose to finance or lease
their equipment!

Preserve Your Cash Flow & Credit Lines
• Financing/Leasing doesn't require a large cash expenditure for the equipment purchase
• Retain working capital for the operation and growth of your business
• Keep your credit line at your bank available for emergences and other investments

100% Financing Solutions for New & Used Equipment
• A typical equipment loan will require an initial down payment and only include the equipment
• You can finance or lease your equipment with little or no down payment and soft costs may also be included

Convenience & Speed
• Equipment financing or leasing can be completed in less time than traditional financing alternatives in most cases

Tax Advantages
• Leasing offers the option of deducting 100% of the lease payment as a business expense
• Possible accelerated income offset through lease payment deduction

• You won't be put into a box of credit standards.  We will take into account every aspect of your business to design a structure that best fits your needs
• There are a variety of financing & leasing products available, allowing us to customize a program to address needs and requirements such as cash flow, budget, transaction structure, etc.

Specialized Assistance
•  We are specialists in equipment financing and leasing and understand your capital equipment market

Proven Equipment Financing Option
• More than 70% of all capital equipment in the United States is acquired through leasing or financing.  In fact 8 out of 10 companies finance or lease part of their equipment need

Protects Against Obsolescence
• Easily upgrade your equipment using similar terms to respond quickly to new opportunities



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