Grade Steering Systems

Barbcos Grade Steering Systems are an all encompassing way to guide the grade of your auger boring machine job to ensure accuracy. Within this system several different components come together to give you a simple to use instrument that gives you a tested method of monitoring the grade of casing as its being pushed in the ground. The Barbco Water Grade Indicator is a vital part to this system that gives you a visual representation of the grade of your bore and if its changing. This system is extremely easy to use, and its simple construction means lower cost while maintaining the high level of performance of more expensive instruments.

The Barbco Water Grade Indicator operates in the same way as the sight tube on a boiler. The small tube on the outside of the tank indicates the level of the water on the inside of the tank, as long as the indicator tube is connected to the same pressure as the inside tank. With the Barbco Water Grade Indicator, both ends of the system are vented to air pressure.

A pit mounted control and indicator board is located at some convenient point in the pit, opposite of the spoil removal side of the pit. A clear plastic hose connects the pit mounted water grade indicator to the1/2” water pipe running along the top centerline of the casing.

Water is used to fill the system. The level of the water at the pit grade indicator will then show the level of the sensing head mounted on the end of the casing as it is pushed into the ground.

A simple “topping off” procedure is used before each reading to assure that the system is full of water and reading properly.

Careful attention to the following instructions and checking the instrument before readings will help assure good results.