Get your tastebuds ready! Barbco Inc. and U.S. Shoring & Equipment Co. will be sponsoring the 7th annual Clay Shoot and PorkaPULLuza, being held by Nuca Texas. This one day event is a great opportunity for contractors, manufacturers, renters, etc. in the trenchless industry to connect, network, and have a great time together! This fun event will be taking place on October 14th at 8AM, in Fort Worth, Texas. Registered teams will be driving from station to station at Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch participating in clay shootouts to see which team will come out victorious. Along with having some of the best pulled pork in Texas for lunch, shooters will also get to enter raffles for some great prizes.

The main Presenting Sponsor of this fine event is Barbco’s domestic dealer U.S. Shoring & Equipment Co., out of Euless Texas. U.S Shoring & Equipment Co. is one of the largest distributors of Barbco boring machines and directional drills in the United States. We also rent and sell a broad range of trench shoring products, trench boxes, road plates, Wacker Neuson products, BW Tech gas detectors, Trimble lasers, and more.


U.S Shoring & Equipment Co says,

“From our location in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, U.S. Shoring can support your construction needs throughout North America. We work with pipeline, specialty, and sewer and water contractors and can provide complete engineered shoring plans, confined space training and OSHA competent person classes. We stock and rent a variety of augers, up to 84″ in diameter.

Trucking to your job site can be arranged by us throughout the United States and Canada, and we have our own flatbed and crane mounted trucks for local shoring deliveries. Give us a call to discuss how we may best support you.”

Having diligent, educated, and respected Dealers selling your equipment has always been a top priority to Barbco Inc., that’s why U.S Shoring was the perfect Choice!

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Calling all professionals in, and related to the trenchless industry! This November Barbco Inc. along with other auger boring experts, will be hosting The 5th Annual Trenchless Technology Center Auger Boring School! This informative course is aimed at providing attendees with the knowledge and background needed to understand the important aspects of auger boring. More so, it’s an opportunity for less seasoned individuals to get their hands on a Barbco auger boring machine, and see how they really work. This information is relevant to not only auger boring professionals but also to trenchless contractors, engineers, project superintendents, foremen, crew members, estimators,  public officials, and more.

This training course is being held at the new Barbera Education, Research & Training (BERT) Facility located on Louisiana Tech University grounds. This name was coined to pay tribute to James and Leo Barbera, who are both considered innovators in the auger boring industry. Retiring only 12 years ago, the late Jim Barbera was loved by many and impacted numerous lives throughout his extensive career. As a result of his contributions to the trenchless industry, Trenchless Technology Center awarded Jim and his brother Leo the first TTC LifeTime Achievement Award in November 2018. This facility will honor the past while investing in the future through its workforce development, which is essential to creating a properly trained workforce in any industry.

This event spans from November 7th to the 10th and registration is open now! 

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This October 18th, Barbco General Manager, James Barbera, will be speaking at the second annual Financial Legacy Symposium, held by the local Canton City Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management. The purpose of this event is to shine a light on multi-generational businesses and focus on the unique opportunities, and challenges that may lie ahead.

As big businesses grow and the family owned business pool shrinks, the question of how to sustain a profitable small, family owned business is raised. There are many answers to this question depending on the unique positions a business has been in over the years. A strong first generation ownership is necessary across the board, as these are the people who have done the heavy lifting in getting the business on its feet starting out. Barbco’s founder, the late James S. Barbera was no stranger to this task. Starting Barbco in 1989, James did what it took to get his business rolling, whether it was not taking a paycheck personally, or working 60-80 hour weeks to make sure his clients were satisfied. He understood these things were necessary to start your own business. 

Since then, Barbco has continued to grow in not only, but two generations. Now being managed and operated by the second generation of Barbera’s, the Barbco vision has expanded  in unexpected ways. While the third generation is working their way to management, it’s important for everybody in a family operated business to be on the same page. Working with your own blood can present eccentric opportunities and challenges alike. However, most people would tell you they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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Barbco’s founder, James S. Barbera, his family, and a growing number of employees have developed and supplied their domestic and international clients with some of the field’s earliest technology since 1989. Trenchless drilling refers to the underground boring utilities or oil and gas companies need. Traditionally, these companies would dig holes in the ground in order to lay pipes, however, Barbco’s technology allows construction crews to continue digging underground without disturbing the earth above. Barbco has consolidated three parts: a push bar, a hook roller, and the track rail. The five-axis machine improved part access, allowing Barbco to machine the parts in one piece, include new features, make them stronger with cheaper materials and achieve higher repeatability.  With CNC machining, issues regarding machining have largely disappeared. Consolidating assembly has strengthened the hook roller, as well. This increases the weight of the now solid piece. The five-axis machining generates less heat when welding. So the five-axis machining has improved repeatability for the 34-foot rail set. Users no longer require specialized connectors to combine track rails because of this. The fabrication department and machine shop will also have to experience significant changes to their process shift. The two departments now regularly collaborate on part development.The CNC and CAD software changes led to further overhauls in Barbco’s designs and processes. The company plans on continuing their investigation of new CNC machining centers every 12 months.

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Barbco, Inc, a world class manufacturer of capital equipment for the trenchless excavation, horizontal directional drilling, and underground manufacturing industries is pleased to announce that their Second Annual St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving Fundraiser to benefit the FIGHT AGAINST CHILDHOOD CANCER was a resounding success!  The event, called Bald is Badass at Barbco occurred on Friday, October 29th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  The Barbco team converted their Assembly Bay into a St. Baldrick Barbershop!

These community spirited employees had their inaugural event in 2019 when 34 of them Braved the Shave and raised $6,199 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  Unfortunately, the Barbco PRIDE had to stand down in 2020 due to COVID 19 safety considerations.  

Saint Baldricks Barbco Inc

This year the team raised $5,306 and had 37 men braving the shave to help in the FIGHT AGAINST CHILDHOOD CANCER!  A huge shout to our luncheon sponsor Todd Hindman of National Tube Supply.  He arranged for a Barbeque luncheon provided by Old Carolina Barbeque!

Joining Barbco in this fundraiser are the following SUPERFANTASTIC Corporate Partners: U.S. Shoring & Equipment Company; Trenchless Rental Solutions; SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc.; Midwest Mole; National Tube Supply; Kraft Fluid Systems; Great Work Employment; MECO; Shale Directories; Ohio CAT; Industrial Tube & Supply; Brent Scarbrough & Company; Wolff Brothers Supply, Akron Bearing, and The Universal Steel Company.  In addition, community volunteers David Angione, Stark County’s Bald Realtor for You; Toni “The Cookie Diva” Cotopolis; and Trisha Mossor of Aim Transportation Solutions were on hand to help with the event.

You can learn more about the important work of St. Baldrick’s at

 We are pleased to announce our beloved founder and H.O.F inductee James S. Barbera to NASTT’s Hall of Fame!

Read this excerpt from NASTT’s website about our leader James Barbera, or click here to read it from their website.

We are looking forward to seeing the trenchless industry together at this years No-Dig Show!


Excerpt from NASTT website-

“James “Jim” S. Barbera founded Barbco, a family-run manufacturing company, in 1989.

2020 – James S. Barbera (1940-2019)James “Jim” S. Barbera (March 1940 – July 2019) founded Barbco, a family-run manufacturing company, in 1989. And while his career didn’t start in manufacturing, his family was always front and center.

After graduating high school, Jim served his country in the U.S. Army. Jim and his wife Fran were married in 1963. Jim was employed by the Canton City Police Department and Fran worked at a rubber glove manufacturing company. Jim’s experience in home remodeling brought additional income once their family expanded to include four children under the age of three, including twins. The original fixer-uppers, they would purchase homes, fix them up and rent them out. They amassed 7 homes and were doing well for themselves. Their hard work was paying off.

In 1975, Jim retired from the police department and went into business for himself. He continued his work in construction and got into the pool solar heating business. Jim started working at American Augers for his brother Leo in 1979. During his 10 years at American Augers, Jim oversaw the sales department and had direct oversight of several initiatives including the reconditioning of a 19-ft Robbins tunnel boring machine and being an active organizer in the auger boring schools that were held in Arizona. In 1989 Leo sold American Augers leaving Jim in a bit of a quandary. With Fran’s support, Jim continued in the industry and started Barbco, a NUCA (National Utility Contractors Association) Sustaining National Partner. The company ran out of a shop in Twinsburg, Ohio for the first 6 months.

The first of Jim and Fran’s children to work for the company was Tony Barbera, who had just graduated from high school. His twin brother, Dave Barbera, started in 1992 and worked primarily in the office. The other children, Chrissy and Jim, worked intermittently during the early years of the company. Barbco continued to expand its product line as Jim saw opportunities in the trenchless industry. He was brought into the fray of Barbco’s manufacturing capabilities with products such as directional drills and pilot tube machines. With this growth, Jim continually looked for facilities that would give him the space he needed to build the equipment customers were looking for. In 2003, Jim moved the company to its present location in East Canton, Ohio. Here, Barbco had the space to build and the land to expand his manufacturing when needed. He officially retired 10 years ago and moved South to Englewood, Fla.

Both Jim and his brother Leo were well known with the trenchless industry. In fact, they were both recently honored by the Trenchless Technology Center at Louisiana Tech University. Both were presented with Lifetime Achievement Awards by Dr. Tom Iseley for their contributions to the trenchless industry. Additionally, a new training and educational facility being built on campus is being named in honor of the brothers. The formal name is the Barbera Education, Research & Training facility (BERT).

Jim and Barbco, Inc. have been honored by numerous professional associations.  Nonetheless, his greatest honor has and always will be a large loving family and his loyal employees and customers.  Barbco, Inc. will carry on his legacy with his three sons leading the company and with his many grandchildren hard at work in the family business.”


Today we celebrated Bob Haysmer’s retirement AND birthday! To be Covid friendly, we ordered individually wrapped subs and bought individually wrapped chips and cookies. We’d like to thank Bob for his many years of service and dedication to our company. Go travel the world, Bob!

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Preaching safety and actually demonstrating it are two different things! GM of Barbco and NUCA board of director, David Barbera held a #TrenchSafetyStandDown at local contractor AccuLine Underground’s facilities. This little seminar went over the importance of proper safety protocol and procedures when working in and around trenches. Information like this is important for all contractors as they navigate their way around different job sites and conditions!