Barbco Inc. is in the process of redesigning its pilot tube machine named Pathfinder.  Pathfinder has been under Barbco’s many trenchless products for over 10 years and the new design will allow for a smaller footprint when in operation.  Pathfinder is an attachment that works in conjunction with an auger boring machine (ABM).  It is set up in front of the ABM and allows the operator to install a tube that is 5.5” in diameter.  Once the pilot is fully installed, Pathfinder is disconnected from the ABM, taken out of the pit, and the job can now be bored.  The machine allows for critical line and grade measurements to be maintained in ground that is densely populated with other utilities.  In today’s environment, many contractors are faced with this dilemma when bidding on certain jobs.  Pathfinder gives contractors the assurance that jobs can be completed successfully and because of the power Pathfinder provides, they are able to pilot holes north of 300’ long.  To learn more about Pathfinder, call Barbco at 1-800 448-8934.


Check out this video of Barbco’s new 2023 Pathfinder Target Housing