Barbco’s founder, James S. Barbera, his family, and a growing number of employees have developed and supplied their domestic and international clients with some of the field’s earliest technology since 1989. Trenchless drilling refers to the underground boring utilities or oil and gas companies need. Traditionally, these companies would dig holes in the ground in order to lay pipes, however, Barbco’s technology allows construction crews to continue digging underground without disturbing the earth above. Barbco has consolidated three parts: a push bar, a hook roller, and the track rail. The five-axis machine improved part access, allowing Barbco to machine the parts in one piece, include new features, make them stronger with cheaper materials and achieve higher repeatability.  With CNC machining, issues regarding machining have largely disappeared. Consolidating assembly has strengthened the hook roller, as well. This increases the weight of the now solid piece. The five-axis machining generates less heat when welding. So the five-axis machining has improved repeatability for the 34-foot rail set. Users no longer require specialized connectors to combine track rails because of this. The fabrication department and machine shop will also have to experience significant changes to their process shift. The two departments now regularly collaborate on part development.The CNC and CAD software changes led to further overhauls in Barbco’s designs and processes. The company plans on continuing their investigation of new CNC machining centers every 12 months.

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