This October 18th, Barbco General Manager, James Barbera, will be speaking at the second annual Financial Legacy Symposium, held by the local Canton City Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management. The purpose of this event is to shine a light on multi-generational businesses and focus on the unique opportunities, and challenges that may lie ahead.

As big businesses grow and the family owned business pool shrinks, the question of how to sustain a profitable small, family owned business is raised. There are many answers to this question depending on the unique positions a business has been in over the years. A strong first generation ownership is necessary across the board, as these are the people who have done the heavy lifting in getting the business on its feet starting out. Barbco’s founder, the late James S. Barbera was no stranger to this task. Starting Barbco in 1989, James did what it took to get his business rolling, whether it was not taking a paycheck personally, or working 60-80 hour weeks to make sure his clients were satisfied. He understood these things were necessary to start your own business. 

Since then, Barbco has continued to grow in not only, but two generations. Now being managed and operated by the second generation of Barbera’s, the Barbco vision has expanded  in unexpected ways. While the third generation is working their way to management, it’s important for everybody in a family operated business to be on the same page. Working with your own blood can present eccentric opportunities and challenges alike. However, most people would tell you they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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