David Barbera

The 2023 annual NUCA meeting is an important meet up for professionals in the trenchless arena. This year the meeting was held in conjunction with the March 14-18 CONEXPO-CON/AGG event. The meeting is a one day event held prior to the start of CONEXPO.


The annual NUCA meeting encapsulates many different components from the trenchless industry. Throughout the day there are several committee meetings which are a great avenue for industry professionals associated with NUCA to network, and talk about specific challenges, and opportunities they are facing. Furthermore, an important conversation from the annual spring economic outlook speaker is given to forecast the new year.


We at Barbco also want to extend a congratulations to Rob Kyzys from Benjamin Media  Inc. At this past annual meeting, Rob was honored with the Associate Member of the Year Award from NUCA. What Rob and Benjamin Media do for the trenchless industry through their multiple publications is integral to the understanding, progression, and innovation we see year after year.


Barbco’s President David Barbera was also in attendance at this year’s annual meeting. David is on NUCA’s board and plays a serious role in the development and deployment of new ideas from NUCA. Being a part of such an impactful organization is part of what makes his job so rewarding!


NUCA plays an instrumental role in pushing trenchless methods of installation to the forefront of the construction arena. They have done this through many different avenues, however one of the most effective has been their Trenchless Construction and New Installation Methods, 5th Edition manual. According to NUCA, “As the industry continues to grow, many contractors are adding trenchless projects to their operations. Some bid trenchless projects without the proper knowledge to complete the job as specified, and or their inexperience results in major project problems and costs.

Trenchless Tech Manual

After four years of volunteer effort by industry professionals, NUCA’s Trenchless Construction and New Installation Methods manual has been updated by the trenchless experts and professionals of NUCA’s Trenchless Technology Committee”. If your interested in purchasing a manual for yourself click here.