Custom Fire Ring

Late last year Barbco Inc., U.S. Shoring & Equipment Co. sponsored the 7th annual Clay Shoot and ​​ PorkaPULLuza, held by NUCA Texas.

This one day event is a great opportunity for contractors, manufacturers, renters, etc. in the trenchless industry to connect, network, and have a great time together! Registered teams drove  from station to station at Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch and participated in clay shootouts to see which team came out victorious. Along with having some of the best pulled pork in Texas for lunch, shooters also got to enter raffles for some great prizes!

One of those prizes being a custom 36” fire ring manufactured by Barbco. Barbco has been manufacturing custom fire rings for years so this was nothing new for them. However, after some discussions with the raffle winner, Jake Duncan at MasTec, asked us if we could make a firewood holder instead! This was a first for the Barbco team, but nothing they weren’t able to accomplish. The firewood holder was designed with unique visuals and text, as requested by Jake.  After designing and manufacturing this custom firewood holder it was painted gray and ready to be shipped off to its rightful owner!

Custom Fire Ring Custom Fire Ring

If you are interested in having a custom fire ring or firewood holder made with unique visuals to represent you, simply reach out to for a free quote! Our custom rings can have text, images, and can also be painted any color, or left plain steel. Let us bring your custom ring to life!